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Taylor Cable Products > Digital Exhaust Temperature Indicator

Digital Exhaust Temperature Indicator

Exhaust Temperature Gauge - Percy's High Performance


Taylor's Digital Exhaust Temperature Indicator gives you a long lasting, reliable and accurate form of exhaust gas temperature measurement.  The D.E.T.I. gives you the capability to match the temperature between 2 separate cylinders via independent switch monitoring.  This monitoring feature makes this a great tuning tool due to EGT's direct correlation to air/fuel ratio.  Proper use results in increased power with a greater margin of safety.  The D.E.T.I. features an exposed junction thermocouple for instant response.  The D.E.T.I. is compatible with all forms of fuel.  The new 57K series adds full data logging  capability as well as the ability to measure real-time tire temperatures!  A bright LED on the unit and a latching relay are user configurable to turn off a power adder system and warn of undesirable conditions.  This ensures greater engine protection.


57K Series

  • E.G.T. and Non-Contact Infrared Reading Capabilities
  • Backlit Display
  • 20 Seconds Internal Data logging
  • Playback on Unit, NO LAPTOP REQUIRED!
  • Reads Multiple Probes Simultaneously
  • Set Point Activated Relay Capable of Controlling Nitrous, Ignition, etc. (May be Used to Activate or Deactivate any Circuit)
  • Includes: 9v Battery
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