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Distributor Caps, Rotors, and Kits

Ignition systems set up for racing or high performance street use put high demands on ignition components. The continuous high voltage required can destroy poorly constructed ignition parts. Taylor Distributor Caps and Rotors are injection molded with the highest quality materials and manufacturing process available. Produced to deliver high performance and long life, Caps and Rotors are made from an alkyd molding compound that provides superior protection from cross firing and arcing. The compression molded caps are stress-relieved after molding to ensure dimensional integrity. The corrosion resistant brass inserts and steel rotor springs provide high conductivity and unrestricted energy flow for hotter spark. Look to Taylor for your performance ignition needs!

Chevrolet/GM V-8 Standard socket-type 918120 948120 958120
GM V-8, HEI in-cap coil 918122 948122 958122
GM V-8, HEI remote coil - electronic 918132 948132 958132
GM 6 cylinder, HEI remote coil - electronic 918133 948133 958133
Chevrolet Corvette V-8, HEI Screw-down 918131 948131 958131
Ford Early V-8, socket-type 918220 948220 958220
Ford V-8, DuraSpark through EEC-III 918224 948224 958224
Ford Late Model V-8, EEC IV 918233 948233 958233
Ford Late Model 6 cylinder, EEC IV 918230 948230 958230
Chrysler V-8, Breakerless and single point 918320 948320 958320

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